New General Council of the Order Elected

The General Chapter elected the General Minister of the Order in the person of Br. Roberto Genuin. According to the schedule, today was the day to elect his Council, made up of representatives of the various geographical areas. As our Constitutions state, “the responsibility of the councilors is to assist the general minister in the governance of the whole order.” (125, 7)

Ten General Councilors were elected, one more than at the General Chapter of 2012, in order to provide a second Councilor for Africa.
Here is the list of the elected General Councilors, in order of election:

Norbert Auberlin Solondrazana
Province of Madagascar
Languages: French, English, Italian

c o n s . e a c c @ o f m c a p . o r g

Francesco Neri
Province of Puglia (Italy)
Languages: Italian, English, German

c o n s . c i m p c a p @ o f m c a p . o r g

Carlos Silva
Province of São Paulo (Brazil)
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish

c o n s . c c b @ o f m c a p . o r g

Kilian Ngitir
Custody of Cameroon
Languages: English, French, Italian

c o n s . c o n c a o @ o f m c a p . o r g

Piotr Stasiński
Province of Warsaw (Poland)
Languages: Polish, Italian

c o n s . c e c o c @ o f m c a p . o r g

Pio Murat
Province of France – reelected
Languages: French, Turkish, Greek, Italian, English

c o n s . c e n o c @ o f m c a p . o r g

John Baptist Palliparambil
Province of St. Francis, Kerala (India)
Languages: Malayalam, English, Italian

c o n s . c c m s i @ o f m c a p . o r g

Victorius Dwiardy
Province of Pontianak (Indonesia) – reelected
Languages: Indonesian, English, Dutch, Italian

c o n s . p a c c @ o f m c a p . o r g

José Ángel Torres Rivera (Vicar- General)
Custody of Puerto Rico (USA)
Languages: Spanish, English, Italian

v g @ o f m c a p . o r g

Celestino Arias
Province of New York and New England (USA)

c o n s . n a p c c @ o f m c a p . o r g

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

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