St. Francis of Assisi Church, Mawlangdep (2007- Diocese of Nongstoin)


This is the first capuchin Presence in the newly erected diocese of Nongstoin. Paying heed to the invitation of His excellency Victor Lyngdoh the Bishop of Nongstoin and seeing to the significance of the place for evangelization and vocations, the council of the Nirmala Coustdy in consultation with the Provincial definitory decided to set foot in the diocese. On April 29, 2007 the parish of Mawlangdep was officially handed over to the Capuchins and installed Br. Mathew Kalkduckil as the first Parish Priest. The new friary was blessed on 15 August 2011 and the parish church on 14 December 2013, by Bishop Victor Lyngdoh.


St. Francis of Assisi Church

Mawlangdep, Nongstoin P.O.

W. K. Hills, Meghalaya – 793 119



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